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Sala S3.19, Nivel -1

Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA)
Av. Hospital Universitario s/n 33011-Oviedo, Spain.

Mo-Fr, 8:30-14:00 / 15:00-17:30

Telephone: +34 985652495 (Ext. 36818)

E-mail: bioestadistica@ispasturias.es

Twitter: @Bioestad_ISPA

Platform Staff

  • Coordinator: Patricio Suárez Gil
  • Technician: Valeria Rolle Sóñora
  • Support Technician: Chiminazzo, Valentina
  • Suppert Technician: Paula Fernández Martínez (IMPaCT-Cohorte Asturias Technical Coordinator)

Affiliated staff

  • María Luisa Nicieza García: Pharmacist
  • Eva Fernández Bretón: Preventive Medicine Medical Doctor (IMPaCT-Cohorte Asturias Senior Technician)


  • Víctor Abraira Santos: Former Head of the Clinical Biostatistics Unit, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid

Visiting professionals and staff on rotation

  • Mario Ernesto Piscoya Díaz: Lecturer in Statistics, Universidade de Goias, Brazil
    16/10/2019 – 8/01/2020
  • María García Fernández: Resident Intern Nurse in Family and Community Medicine, Centro de Salud Sotrondio (Sotrondio Health Centre).
  • Nerea Bernardo del Rey: Resident Intern Nurse in Family and Community Medicine. Centro de Salud El Coto, Gijón. 7-17/1/2020
  • Guillermo Pérez García: Consultant in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Public Health Technician, Health District V (Gijón). 13-24/7/2020.
  • Paula Fernández Martínez. PhD in Physical Anthropology. Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Ms Student, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC-UB. 1/9/2021-7/2/2021
  • Andrea García Fernández. Resident in Preventive medicine and public health. 1/11/2021-30/4/2022
  • Jorge Martín Navarro. Resident in Preventive medicine and public health. 1/11/2021-30/4/2022
  • Raquel Benito Santos. Resident in Preventive medicine and public health. 1/10/2022-31/3/2023
  • Luis Solís González. Resident in Preventive medicine and public health. 1/10/2022-31/3/2023

Undergraduate student placements

  • Pablo Giadas Álvarez: Student on the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics

If you would like to request the services of the Biostatistics Platform, please send the following form to bioestadistica@ispasturias.es.

ISPA Biostatistics Request Form

Seminar: «The Ten Commandments for creating a good database»

The R User Group is an open group, made up of volunteers who participated in the first edition of the «Wednesdays with R” course (held from October to December 2018).

The group’s objective is to promote the use of R as a statistical analysis and data visualisation tool in ISPA, SESPA and in biomedical research in general.

It will therefore carry out a range of initiatives to share knowledge about R and learning resources for the software.

The group’s chair and contact person is: Patricia Martínez Botía (@patmartinez9)