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Dr. Juan Pablo Rodrigo Tapia ISPA research groups
Professor Juan Pablo Rodrigo Tapia

Juan Pablo Rodrigo Tapia (Guadalajara,1966) gained his degree in Medicine from the Universidad de Oviedo (1989), for which he received the Outstanding Degree Award. Between 1991 and 1994, he completed the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist training at HUCA, and a three-month placement at the UCLA School of Medicine (CA, US). In 1995, he obtained a PhD in Medicine from the Universidad de Oviedo.

He has worked as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist at the Hospital de León (1995-1998) and HUCA (1998-2008). In 2008, he gained the post of Clinical Lecturer in Otolarynology at the Universidad de Oviedo-HUCA, and in 2016 became a University Professor.

He is Director of the Department of Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialities, Editor-in-Chief of the Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española journal, and member of the International Head and Neck Scientific Group and the Collegium Oto-Rhino-Laryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum.

Having authored over 250 scientific publications, he has a H-index of 33 and has been classified as one of the world’s top 10 experts in larynx cancer.

Dra. María Dolores Chiara
Dr María Dolores Chiara

María Dolores Chiara Romero

María Dolores Chiara Romero is an I3 Senior Researcher in the Spanish National Health System (SNS). She obtained a Bachelor’s degree and PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad de Sevilla in 1986 and 1990, respectively, and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Cardiology and Cellular Biology departments of Harvard University from 1991 to 1996, before continuing her postdoctoral research in the Medical Physiology department of the Universidad de Sevilla (1996-2002). She has received grants from the Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government of Andalusia), the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, NATO, Harvard University and CSIC. Between 1999 and 2002, she was a Miguel Servet Researcher (Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Seville) and an Associate Lecturer (Universidad de Sevilla). She has been a Tenured Lecturer in Physiology at the Universidad de Sevilla since 2002 (currently on voluntary sabbatical). From 2002 to 2008, she was a Miguel Servet Researcher at HUCA and she has been an I3-SNS Researcher at this hospital since 2008. Her current research focuses on investigating the pathogenic mechanisms of metastasis.


Marinus A.J.A. Hermsen

Dr Mario Hermsen studied Biochemistry at Wageningen University (the Netherlands), and obtained his PhD in Medicine from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2002. Between 1995 and 2003, he investigated the genetics of the progression from colorectal adenomas to carcinomas in the Pathology Department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has been a member of the Head and Neck Cancer research group since 2003, during which time his work has focused on nasal and sinus cancer.
The nasal cavities and sinuses can host a wide range of tumours, which are generally poorly differentiated and do not have a good prognosis, despite advances in surgery and radiotherapy. In Dr Hermsen’s laboratory, several approaches are taken to tumour genome characterisation, in order to identify genetic variants that may assist with diagnosis and improve prognosis and treatment. Additionally, the genetic variants identified are studied and tested in preclinical situations as possible targets for personalised therapies with specific inhibitors.






Dr. Mario Hermsen
Dr Mario Hermsen


Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias

Edificio FINBA. Planta 0

Avenida Hospital Universitario s/n, 33011 Oviedo, Spain.

Telephone: +34 615052748

E-mail: jprodrigo@uniovi.es

Name Organisation Activity Euraxess classification
Álvarez Fernández, Mónica FINBA Research R2
Álvarez González, Miguel FINBA Research R1
Álvarez Marcos, César Antonio Universidad de Oviedo Research/Clinical/Teaching R3
Álvarez Teijeiro, Saúl FINBA Research R2
Casanueva Muruais, Rodrigo SESPA Research/Clinical R1
Celada Crespo, Lucía FINBA Research R1
Chiara Romero, María Dolores FINBA Research R3
Coca Pelaz, Andrés SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Cubiella Victorero, Tamara Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
del Río Ibisate, Nagore Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Fernández García, María Soledad SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Fernández Vañes, Laura SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Galache Osuna, Cristina SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Gancedo Verdejo, Pablo Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
García Marín, María del Rocío FINBA Research R2
García Pedrero, Juana María FINBA Research R3
García-Cabo Herrero, Patricia SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Granda Díaz, Rocío FINBA Research R1
Grilli , Gianluigi Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Grobas Álvarez, Jaime SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Hermida Prado, Francisco Universidad de Oviedo Research R2
Hermsen , Mario FINBA Research R3
Llorente Pendás, José Luis Universidad de Oviedo Research/Clinical/Teaching R3
López Álvarez, Fernando SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
López Fernández, Ana María FINBA Research R1
Lorenzo Guerra, Sara Lucila FINBA Research R1
Menéndez Del Castro, Marta SESPA Research/Clinical R1
Montoro Jiménez, Irene FINBA Research R1
Núñez Batalla, Faustino SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Otero Rosales, María FINBA Research R1
Pedregal Mallo, Daniel SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Prieto Fernández, Llara Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Pozo Agundo, Esperanza FINBA Research R1
Reda del Barrio, Sara SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo Universidad de Oviedo/SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R4
Sánchez Canteli, Mario SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Sánchez Fernández, Paula SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Sánchez Fernández, Rafael SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Santos-Juanes Jiménez, Jorge SESPA/Universidad de Oviedo Research/Clinical/Teaching R3
Suárez Fente, Vanessa SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Suárez Gordillo, Andrea FINBA Research R1
Tirados Menéndez, Sofía Universidad de Oviedo Research R2
Villanueva Fernández, Eva SESPA Research R1
Vivanco Allende, Blanca SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Bestilleiro Márquez, Judit Universidad de Oviedo Research No classification
Codina Martínez, Helena CIBER Research No classification
Naves Cabal, Virginia FINBA Research No classification
Suárez Fernández, Laura FINBA Research No classification
Grupo Cáncer de cabeza y cuello

The research group is made up of a multidisciplinary team, including clinical researchers who perform their clinical practice in the Ear, Nose and Throat, Pathological Anatomy and Dermatology Services of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA), and basic researchers from the Head and Neck Cancer Research Unit of the Instituto Universitario de Oncología del Principado de Asturias (IUOPA). These researchers have extensive knowledge and research experience in tumour biology of the head and neck area, as well as solid training in using the necessary methodology and technology for conducting research projects.

Our group has carried out a significant amount of multidisciplinary research over the last 15 years. The success of this cooperative work is demonstrated by the group’s scientific output, details of which are contained in the IUOPA annual report, https://www.unioviedo.es/IUOPA/?page_id=138&lang=es/, and our research group’s page on the Universidad de Oviedo website, http://iocc.grupos.uniovi.es/investigacion/produccion. In summary, over the last five years, 24 PhD theses have been completed within our group, 150 articles have been published in JCR-ranked journals (70 of them within the top decile, including publications in journals such as Nature Communications, Lancet Oncology, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, Stem Cells and Journal of Pathology), and over 200 presentations have been delivered at national and international conferences.

Our group has received continuous funding since 2007 as a member of the RTICC (Thematic Network for Cooperative Cancer Research; RD06/0020/0034 and RD12/0036/0015), and part of CIBER (Network Centre for Biomedical Research: Cancer thematic area; CB16/12/00390) since 2017. It has also been recognised as a Consolidated Research Group by the Principado de Asturias (GRUPIN14-003).

Current and Future Priorities

Our research efforts are currently focused on identifying the molecular and physiopathological basis of head and neck malignancies and the consequences of tumour initiation, invasion and cancer metastasis, relapse and therapeutic efficacy. This research should provide detailed information on any signalling molecules/biochemical pathways identified as relevant and clinically useful characteristics for diagnosis/prognosis, as well as new treatment objectives for head and neck cancer, using the following strategies:

  1. Identification and validation of cancer risk markers in premalignant lesions, for application in clinical practice.
  2. The use of biofluids (especially saliva) as an easier way of detecting the pre-identified biomarkers, or as a source of a wide range of new biomarkers, based on the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites and microbiota.
  3. Identification and molecular characterisation of the pathways involved in tumour progression, by studying cellular motility, individual and collective cell invasion and cell-cell interactions through various mechanisms (adhesion molecules, secreted factors and long-distance interactions).
  4. The role of the tumour microenvironment, and particularly of cancer-associated fibroblasts, as a possible driver of the cancer’s progression and therefore a potential source of new diagnostic or therapeutic targets.
  5. Generation of relevant cell and animal models for the disease, in order to perform functional in vivo analysis.
  6. Identification and molecular characterisation of cancer stem cells, as part of the search for new treatments targeting these subpopulations.
  7. Development of new strategies for delivering drugs, based on nanotechnology.

Our research group aims to advance knowledge of the processes of initiation, relapse and metastasis in four types of tumours: epidermoid carcinomas of the head and neck; nasal and sinus carcinomas; paragangliomas, and sarcomas. We hope that the advances achieved contribute to the discovery of new biomarkers and treatments.

Epidermoid carcinomas of the head and neck.

Lead: Juana María García Pedrero

  1. Biomarkers for early diagnosis and targets for early therapeutic interventions.
  2. Identification of molecular alterations, their relationship to tumour progression and clinical application as biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, response to treatment and/or therapeutic targets.
  3. The role of cancer-associated fibroplasts and investigation of the interaction and communication between tumour cells and between these cells and the stroma.
  4. Characterising subpopulations of cancer stem cells (CSCs) and searching for new therapeutic strategies to tackle them.
Nasal and sinus carcinomas

Lead: Mario Hermsen

  1. Characterising genetic alterations and their role in prognosis and as therapeutic targets.
  2. Treatment – Response to specific new drugs using in vitro and in vivo tumour models.
  3. Tumour invasion and metastasis – Functional studies using in vitro and in vivo models.
  4. Early detection – Identifying the histological changes that are precursors and markers of the progression to invasive cancer; the role of chronic inflammation.
Paragangliomas (PGL) and pheochromocytomas (PCC)

Lead: María Dolores Chiara Romero

  1. Identification of genes/mechanisms involved in the development and progression of PCC/PGLs.
  2. Identification of biomarkers to predict the risk of developing multiple PCC/PGLs, of tumour recurrence, and of other types of tumours in the context of syndromic PCC/PGLs, as well as in healthy carriers of germline mutations in susceptibility genes.
  3. Identification of therapeutic targets.
Biological analysis of photonic materials tailor-made for use as smart markers in cancer research

Lead: María Dolores Chiara Romero

This line of research is conducted within an interdisciplinary network, whose members include María Dolores Chiara and researchers from the Physical Chemistry of Materials Department of the Instituto de Química-Física “Rocasolano” (“Rocasolano” Physical Chemistry Institute; PI: Inmaculada García-Moreno) and the Bio-organic Chemistry Department of the Instituto de Química Orgánica General (General Organic Chemistry Institute; PI: Jose Luis Chiara), both of which are part of CSIC; and from the Physical Chemistry Department of the Universidad del País Vasco (PI: Iñigo López Arbeloa). The lines of research are as follows:

  1. Analysis of mitochondrial activity in cancer and other mitochondrial diseases through the use of fluorescent, functionalised markers.
  2. Studying the role of the intercellular transfer of organelles through the use of fluorescent mitochondria and lysosome markers.
  3. Analysis of the biocompatibility, cytotoxicity and biostability of new photonic materials tailor-made for use in cancer research.
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Researchers Title Funding Body Duration
María D. Chiara (PI)
Eva Allonca
Justo Gómez
Rafael Sánchez
Laura Santos
Aida Rodríguez
Pre-clinical model for studying the impact of intercellular transfer of organelles upon the physiopathology of HNSCCs and its modulation through hypoxia: early clinical exploration. PI17/01901 2018-2020
Mario Hermsen (PI)
José Luis Llorente Pendás
Fernando López
María Costales Marcos
Cristina García Inclán
Sira Potes Ares
Analysis through massive sequencing of actionable gene mutations for the personalised treatment of nasal and sinus carcinomas. AECC (CICPF16008HERM) January 2018 – December 2020
José Luis Llorente (PI)
Vanessa Suárez Fente
Blanca Vivanco Allende
María Costales Marcos
Verónica Blanco Lorenzo
Virginia Naves Cabal
Alessandro Franchi
Reinhard Büttner
Identification of genetic alterations in nasal and sinus tumours as targets for new therapeutic options: translational study. ISCIII-AES 2017 (PI17/00763) January 2018 – December 2020
René Rodríguez (PI)
Maria Victoria González Meana
Sofía Tirados Menéndez
Óscar Estupiñán Sánchez
Verónica Rey Vázquez
Precision medicine strategy in sarcomas, based on the use of primary patient-derived cultures. (GEIS-62) Grupo Español de Investigación en Sarcomas (Spanish Sarcoma Research Group, GEIS) October 2017 – October 2019
René Rodríguez González (PI)
María Victoria González Meana
Oscar Estupiñán Sánchez
Juan Tornín Cavielles
Lucía Martínez Cruzado
Verónica Blanco Lorenzo
Carlos Álvarez Fernández
María Soledad Fernández García
Cesar Antonio Álvarez Marcos
Alejandro Braña Vigil
Faustino Núñez Batalla
Maria Teresa Fernández García
Aida Rodríguez Pérez
María Matos González
Gemma Gutierrez Cervelló
Development of therapeutic strategies targeting the subpopulations of cancer stem cells in sarcomas. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

RDI Projects – Societal Challenges. (SAF2016-75286-R)

October 2016 – December 2019
Juan Pablo Rodrigo (PI)
Juana M García Pedrero
M Angeles Villaronga
Juan Carlos de Vicente
Lucas de Villalaín
Eva Allonca
Charles Lawrie
Lorea, Manterola
Ángel Ispizua
Álex Sistiaga
Ekhiñe Larruskain.
New non-invasive markers in saliva for diagnosis and clinical follow-up of patients with head and neck cancer. Fundación MERCK SALUD (17-CC-008) Private funding September 2017 – December 2019
J.M. García Pedrero (PI)
J.P. Rodrigo Tapia (Co-PI)
L. de Villalaín Álvarez
A. Coca Pelaz
C. Alvarez Marcos
M.S. Fernández García
E. Allonca Campa
F.J. Hermida Prado
A. Rodríguez Pérez
Diversifying the search for novel biomarkers with potential clinical utility for diagnosis, prognosis or novel therapeutic targets in patients with head and neck cancer Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Carlos III Health Institute) – AES2016 (PI16/00280) January 2017 – December 2019
J.P. Rodrigo Tapia (Coordinator)
J.L. Llorente Pendás
C. Álvarez Marcos
F. López Álvarez
M. Costales Marcos
A. Coca Pelaz
M.A. Hermsen
M.D. Chiara Romero
J.M. García Pedrero
M.V. González Meana
M.Á. Villaronga Torres
S. Tirados Menéndez
S. Alvarez Teijeiro
F.J. Hermida Prado
E. Allonca Campa
Molecular mechanisms, models of carcinogenesis, biomarkers and pre-clinical validation of new therapeutic targets in respiratory tract tumours Instituto de Salud Carlos III – CIBER: Cancer thematic area (CB16/12/00390) 2017 – 2018
ENTRECHEM,S.L., in collaboration with FUNDACION PARA EL FOMENTO EN ASTURIAS DE LA INVESTIGACION CIENTIFICA APLICADA Y LA TECNOLOGIA (Foundation for the Promotion of Applied Scientific Research and Technology in Asturias; René Rodríguez González, PI: Oscar Estupiñán Sánchez; Lucía Martínez Cruzado, Head and Neck Cancer Research Group), INSTITUT DE RECERCA CONTRA LA LEUCEMIA JOSEP CARRERAS (Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute; Pablo Menéndez Buján) and the UNIVERSIDAD DE OVIEDO (Carmen Rodríguez Sánchez, Morphology and Cell Biology Department; Serafín Marcos Costilla García, Preclinical Imaging Laboratory; José Luis Llorente Pendás, Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialities Department, Head and Neck Cancer Research Group) Setting the dosage and efficacy studies of indolocarbazole EC-70124 in predictive animal models. (INDOLKIN) MINISTERIO DE ECONOMÍA Y COMPETITIVIDAD: Challenges – Collaboration within the State Programme for Research, Development and Innovation Focusing upon Societal Challenges. (RTC-2016-4603-1) January 2016 – December 2018
M. Hermsen
F. López Álvarez
B. Vivanco Allende
M. Costales Marcos
S. Potes Ares
C. García Inclán
New options for the treatment and early diagnosis of nasal and sinus carcinomas Instituto de Salud Carlos III – AES2015 (PI15/1629) January 2016 – December 2018
María Dolores Chiara (PI)
Nuria Valdés
Validation and functional analysis of the epigenetic changes present in metastatic neuroendocrine tumours associated with germline mutations in SDH genes: physiopathological implications Grupo Español de Tumores Neuroendocrinos (Spanish Neuroendocrine Tumours Group) January 2016 – December 2017
María Dolores Chiara (PI)
Inmaculada García-Moreno
Photonic materials as bioimage markers (Thematic Network) Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad 2016 – 2017
C. Suárez Nieto (PI)
J.L. Llorente Pendás
J.P. Rodrigo Tapia
C. Álvarez Marcos
F. López Álvarez
M.Costales Marcos
F. Núñez Batalla
A. Coca Pelaz
S. Fernández García
B.M. Vivanco Allende
M.D. Chiara Romero
J.M. García Pedrero
R. Rodríguez González
M.V. González Meana
M.Alonso Guervós
M.Á. Villaronga Torres
S. Tirados Menéndez
V. Suárez Fente
S. Bernaldo de Quirós
F.J. Hermida Prado
L. Martínez Cruzado
C. García Inclán
I. Sáenz de Santamaría
E. Allonca Campa
S. Potes Ares
L. Santos Duque
Public research organisation grants for research groups FICYT (GRUPIN14-003) January 2015 – December 2017
Carlos Suárez Nieto (PI),
César Álvarez Marcos
María Dolores Chiara Romero
Andrés Coca Pelaz
Blanca Vivanco Allende
Marta Garzón Arango
Jorge García Martínez
Sira Potes Ares
María Ángeles Villaronga Torres
Mario Hermsen
Maria Soledad Fernández García
Eva Allonca Campa
Juan Pablo Rodrigo Tapia
Anna Merlo
María Cristina García Inclan
Fernando López Álvarez
Sandra Bernaldo de Quirós Fernández
Iriana Zambrano Andazol. PI11/00929 (Intrasalud)
PI: Carlos Suárez Nieto
Genetic and molecular alterations involved in the development and progression of head and neck cancers and clinical implications FA: Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain 2012 – 2015
J.M. García Pedrero
J.C. de Vicente Rodríguez
F. Núñez Batalla
L. de Villalaín Álvarez
A. Coca Pelaz
S. Tirados Menéndez
M.A. Villaronga Torres
M.S. Fernández García
S. Álvarez Teijeiro
E. Allonca Campa
L. Alonso Durán. PI13/00259
PI: Juana María García Pedrero
Markers of cancer risk, progression and metastasis in head and neck cancers and their potential clinical application as therapeutic targets FA: Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain 2014 – 2016
PhD Student Supervisors Title Date of Viva University Honours
Ruth Rubio Amador René Rodríguez González
Pablo Menéndez Buján
Sarcomagenesis models based on mesenchymal stem cells: the influence of p53 and RB 10-06-2013 Universidad de Granada
Gustavo Jesús Alvarez Alija J. M. García Pedrero
J. P. Rodrigo Tapia
Cortactin and AMAP1 in epidermoid carcinomas of the head and neck: involvement in invasion and metastasis processes 04-04-2013 Universidad de Oviedo
Patricia Martínez González J. P. Rodrigo Tapia
J. M. García Pedrero
Molecular markers of metastasis at a distance in hypopharyngeal and laryngeal carcinomas 28-11-2014 Universidad de Oviedo
Rocío González Márquez J.L. Llorente Pendás
M. Hermsen
Analysis of the SOX2 gene in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck 22-12-2014 Universidad de Oviedo
Carla Moreno Galindo J. P. Rodrigo Tapia
M. Hermsen
Molecular markers of response to chemotherapy in epidermoid laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinomas 13-03-2015 Universidad de Oviedo
Blanca Vivanco Allende J. L. Llorente Pendás
M. Hermsen
The immunohistochemical profile of nasal and sinus, intestinal-type adenocarcinomas and premalignant lesions 30-06-2014 Universidad de Oviedo
Anna Merlo M.D. Chiara
C. Suárez
Molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of head and neck paragangliomas 23-09-2014 Universidad de Oviedo
Maria Cristina Garcia Inclan J. L. Llorente Pendás
M. Hermsen
The NFkB pathway as target for a new anticancer drug in head and neck squamous carcinoma 19-06-2015 Universidad de Oviedo (International PhD)
Gonzalo Mancebo Mata JP Rodrigo
JM García Pedrero
Molecular markers of progression in premalignant laryngeal lesions 03-06-2016 Universidad de Oviedo
Alvaro Fernández del Valle JC Vicente,
JP Rodrigo
Expression of the Herg1 and Kv 3. 4 potassium channels in lesions with the potential to become cancerous and in epidermoid carcinomas of the oral cavity. Usefulness as a marker of malignant transformation and progression of the disease 04-07-2016 Universidad de Oviedo
Lucía Martínez Cruzado René Rodríguez González Cancer stem cells in sarcomas: the anti-tumour effect of trabectedin 07-07-2017 Universidad de Oviedo
Saúl Álvarez Teijeiro J.M. García Pedrero
J.P. Rodrigo Tapia
Deregulation of Annexin A1 and miR-196 in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas and the functional role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in the tumour microenvironment 30-06-2017 Universidad de Oviedo International Honours
Juan Tornin Cavielles René Rodríguez González Characterisation of molecular alterations in a human myxoid liposarcoma generated from mesenchymal stem cells 29-06-2017 Universidad de Oviedo
Inés Sáenz de Santamaria Fernández M.D. Chiara
C. Suárez
The relevance of intercellular communication and the tumour microenvironment in the progression of epidermoid carcinomas 23-06-2017 Universidad de Oviedo
Fabián García Velasco J.P. Rodrigo Tapia
M. Hermsen
Human papillomavirus infection in epidermoid carcinomas in the larynx, hypopharynx and oropharynx 14-06-2017 Universidad de Oviedo
Alejandro López Hernandez J. L. Llorente Pendás
M. Hermsen
Nasal and sinus cancer: genetic characterisation and classification of poorly differentiated tumours 09-06-2017 Universidad de Oviedo International honours
Esteban Reinaldo Pacheco Coronel J.L. Llorente Pendás
M. Hermsen
Analysis of ALK, RET and ROS receptor tyrosine kinases in nasal and sinus adenocarcinomas 28-04-2018 Universidad de Oviedo
Francisco José Hermida Prado Juana María García Pedrero
María Ángeles Villaronga Torres
Identification of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the diagnosis and clinical management of patients with squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck 25-05-2018 Universidad de Oviedo International honours
Gabriela Muñoz Cordero Mario Hermsen
Fernando López Álvarez
A study of the cell signalling pathway of PI3K-AKT-mTOR in nasal and sinus epidermoid carcinomas 31-05-2018 Universidad de Oviedo
Míriam González Guerrero Juan Pablo Rodrigo Tapia
Jorge Santos-Juanes Jiménez
A study of the clinical-pathological prognostic factors of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck 22-06-2018 Universidad de Oviedo
Inventors Title Application No Priority country Registration date Owner
Jose Luis Chiara Romero; Inmaculada García-Moreno Gonzalo; Alberto Blazquez Moraleja; María Dolores Chiara Romero; Inés Sáenz de Santa María. First fluorescent probes for mitochondria in live cells based on BODIPY dyes functionalised by L-carnitine. P201730885 Spain 04-07-2017 CSIC